video production

Video production doesn't have to be an overwhelming or complicated process. Here at the Nathan Lawrence Group, we walk you through your project from start to finish. We create schedules to ensure your project is completed on time, write scripts and storyboard the ideas to ensure you know what the video will look like before the camera starts rolling.


With green screen or on location options available you have a variety of looks or styles to choose from.

video marketing

A well produced video for your company should always be coupled with an equally great marketing plan.  We provide professional marketing to help your video presentations reach a wider audience.

training videos

Training is essential for corporations and non-profit organizations.  It increases productivity, income and performance.  NLG can provide interesting and creative web based videos to assist you in training your staff or volunteers. 

instructional design

NLG provides services in Mirco-Learning and Social E-learning through learning modules and short videos with interactive elements. Employees will be able to access the content at any time while continuing to learn.

conference services

Conferences take a great deal of planning as well as coordinating to ensure things run smoothly.   We offer conference services in the area of production coordinator, sound engineers as well as other important elements that benefit conferences of any size.  Contact us today to find out more details.


The Nathan Lawrence Group works with talented people in the field of video production, graphic/animation design and sound engineering. 

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