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video production

At the Nathan Lawrence Group, we walk you through your project from script to screen. We take time to meet and discuss what the mission/end goal is for your project. For example; will the project be used for a social media campaign, television, corporate presentations or a fund raising campaign? Once that information is established we start the process: finding the right location to shoot your project, casting talent if needed for re-enactments, along with other a myriad of production services. The post production then begins with editing, graphics and visual fortification to make your video a real winner!



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non- profits 

Non-profits make a difference in the lives of individuals every day. Reaching donors and finding new ones to help your non-profit is what it's all about. Video testimonials, re-enactments, interviews or presenting behind the scenes videos of your organization goes beyond the standard letter or email. The Nathan Lawrence Group has experience working with non-profits helping them to reach their promotional goals - all while staying on budget. 

Students and Teacher in Classroom

training videos

Training is essential for corporations and non-profit organizations.  It increases productivity, income and performance.  NLG can provide engaging and creative web-based videos to assist in training your staff or volunteers. We also work with a companies HR department to develop an in-depth training strategy.  All of the tailored-made training modules can be provided to the HR department to be placed on their training website.


conference services

Conferences take a great deal of planning as well as coordinating to ensure things run smoothly. We offer conference services such as production coordinators, sound engineers as well as other important elements that benefit conferences of any size.  Contact us today to find out more details.

behind the scenes

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The Nathan Lawrence Group has talented people in the field of video production, motion graphics/animation design and sound engineering. 

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