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Nathaniel Tate

Nathaniel Tate has a diverse background with over 30 years of television production experience.  His career began as a co-founder of Albany Education Television in Albany, New York where he produced numerous educational video programs for adult education.  After serving in Albany for several years Mr. Tate made the move to Virginia Beach, VA to work at CBN as Director of Engineering. During his tenure at CBN, he was sent to the middle east as part of a team to build a television station in southern Lebanon. He also worked in Africa, Central America and was involved in other television-related activities in Israel and  Europe. 

Nathaniel then became an executive for a non-profit organization in Dallas where he oversaw the construction of a 7900-seat event center, developed a 400-acre planned community and a private school which depicted Williamsburg styled architecture. He also spearheaded an initial food project in Kenya and was a consultant and board member for an organization in Guatemala. 

He later became the Chief Operating Officer for the Foundation for Community Empowerment in Dallas, Texas and was the CEO for Frazier Revitalization which assisted under-served communities in Dallas. 

After serving with the foundation Nathaniel decided to return to video production full time and opened the Nathan Lawrence Group. Mr. Tate has earned 2 Pinnacle awards for exemplary work in post-production and has published two books on management and leadership.

He lives with his family in Dallas, Texas.

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Melissa Tate

Ms. Tate followed in her father's footsteps (Nathaniel Tate) and works in production.  As a graduate of Old Dominion University with a degree in communications, Melissa has over 16 years of video production experience which includes segment producer for a national religious broadcast, floor managing and scriptwriting. Ms. Tate had the opportunity (and the pleasure) to write episodes for a children's cartoon series currently airing on a Christian children's network.

As the producer and project manager for the Nathan Lawrence Group, Ms. Tate covers all areas of the pre and post-production phases.


Ms. Tate has also created Melimagine Productions, a division of the Nathan Lawrence Group, which focuses on creating faith-based and inspirational programs for youth. She is currently working on an action-adventure/fantasy series in development. 

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