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In the corporate world, finding the right person with the skill set you need to fill a position is a necessity. The same rule applies for video production. The Nathan Lawrence Group, LLC is a company that has more to offer than just a camera and editing system for a low price. We have the experience and the knowledge in a variety of areas that sets us apart.  We can help bring your ideas to life by providing "best in class" services. Take a look at some of the services listed below. 


 Explainer Videos

​​​​Your non-profit is making a difference. Through the use of video and marketing we can provide cost effective ways to get your message to the public. 

Are you an author or public speaker that wants to get your message or book out to a wider audience? We offer video and marketing packages to help you reach your goal. Click the button to find out more!

Explainer videos are short animated videos that can simplify subjects or tell a customer about your services. Website visitors are more likely to watch videos first before deciding to read additional text on a website.  

Training is essential for corporations and non-profit organizations. It increases productivity, income and performance. We can provide the video services to help you train your staff or volunteers. 


We can provide services in Mirco-Learining and Social E-learning through learning modules and short videos with interactive elements. Employees will be able to access the content at any time while continuing to learn.



Professional services are the key.